Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice and Yule Blessings

Tonight December 22 marks the darkest, shortest night of the
year known as the Winter Solstice and celebrated by pagans
as the sabbat Yule.

At twilight tonight there was a stillness and a peace
as I walked home. The dark hour earlier than all
evenings before was beginning. Now each day will get a
little longer as the sun increases little by little bringing
the rebirth of light into the world.

This is a magickal time to celebrate the light as well as
themes of release, endings, rebirth, renewal, hope,
and new intentions, as we head soon into a new calendar year.

You can simply stand in the darkness of this night and then
light a candle to symbolize the sunlight returning to Earth.
You can release what you need to now from this old year
and set intentions for this new year to come. Reflect on
what things you would like to rebirth and renew in your life.
What ways can you connect to the light more each day as the
days grow longer now? What are you hopeful for this new

Enjoy the peaceful energy the Winter Solstice brings. This
is a quieter time of year while nature is dormant. We can take
advantage of this Winter season for deeper introspection, prayer,
and meditation.

May you all have a Blessed, Bright Yule and Winter Solstice!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Full Moon in Taurus

Blessings of the Full Moon in Taurus November 10, 2011. This has been called the Frost, Snow, Hunter's, and Beaver Moon.

To the Celts this was the first moon on their Wheel of the Year. This November full moon was called the Mourning Moon. This was a time to let go of bad habits, old baggage, and anything else negative in one's life that needed to be released from the previous year. This made room for the new year and new beginnings. This time of year is also the beginning of the modern pagan Wheel of the Year.

You can use this Full Moon energy to do the same as the Celts. Use this full moon energy to release and let go all negativity. Take a relaxing, purifying bath. Light a candle and honor the endings and completions in your life right now. Do a releasing ritual.

You can also contemplate this new beginning of the Wheel of the Year under the full moon light as the season of Winter begins to stir. The days keep growing darker and colder. Soon snow will begin to fall and we enter a season of quiet, introspection.

This full moon is in the astrological sign Taurus. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign. This is a good full moon to spend time connecting to the Earth and getting grounded for the Winter season. Get your home ready with all the comforts of the cold season to come. Feel your natural rhythms and take a walk in nature. Look at your current finances and how you are bringing in an income with this practical earth energy. Review your goals and plans for the month ahead.

Taurus makes this a very creative and sensual full moon as well. Commit to new creative projects. Enjoy the sensuality of life that Taurus connects us too such as a delicious meal, time connecting with your partner, light candles and burn incense, listen to sensual and relaxing music, or take a bath with lovely smelling salts and oils. Connect to your creative, earthy, sensual Goddess self on this Taurus Full Moon. Think of ways you can you nurture yourself more right now each day.

Full Moon Blessings!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Samhain Blessings...Wheel of the Year Begins Again....

Yesterday, October 31, was Samhain which marks the
end of the Wheel of the Year and was also the Celtic New Year.
It is the last Sabbat in modern pagan traditions of 8 yearly

Samhain is a day to honor the dead and one's ancestors.
The veil between the living and dead was believed to be the
thinnest by the Celts who first celebrated Samhain.
This is also a time to reflect on death and endings as the
year grows dark and the harvest has ended as we prepare
for a new beginning of the seasonal cycles.

The Wheel of the Year Turns and begins again today
on November 1. Now we enter a time when
the days grow darker and colder until the darkest night of the
year on the Winter Solstice and the pagan sabbat Yule
December 21. This is offically Winter. After this day
the days slowly grow lighter and the light returns symbolizing
rebirth after death.

This year I am celebrating Samhain as the beginning of
my seasonal cycle year. This time of the year always feels
more like a beginning than January 1 on our calendar does to me.
I took the time yesterday to reflect on endings, death, my
ancestors, and all I am releasing and letting go. This includes
habits, thoughts, relationships, things, and projects, that no longer
serve me to make space for this new cycle of the Wheel of the

I am also using this time for new beginnings including
restarting this blog after a long break. I will be writing about
the 8 Sabbats and New and Full Moon cycles monthly
as well as aspects of the Goddess, seasons, nature, ritual,
magick, and astrology.

I am also taking this time from now until the Winter Solstice
on December 21 for deeper introspection including
meditation, connecting in ritual with the Goddess and the
Goddess within myself, getting back into a yoga practice,
journaling, dream work, working with intuition,
doing creative projects, and making more time in my schedule
for being in quiet self reflection and connection.

On the Winter Solstice I intend to be renewed and rebirthed
in some way from this time.

How about you? What way can you celebrate this
new year cycle on the Wheel? What are you releasing,
ending, and letting go? What way can you add more time
for quiet introspection to your life during this cold dark time
of the year before the rebirth of warm light and sun at Yule?
What new beginningsare happening in your life?
What new ideas, habits, dreams, and projects would you like to start?

Samhain Blessings!