Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blessings of Spring and Renewal of Ostara!

Purple crocuses and sunny yellow daffodil's
have been popping out of the soil to greet these
longer, warmer days. Birds are starting to sing a
song of Spring. The air feels more energized
and vibrant.

Here in New York City Spring weather has come
early and it has been a warmer than average March.

Tuesday March 20 is the Spring Equinox marking
the beginning of Spring and a balance between light
and dark. After this day, each day gains a little more
light and gets longer until Summer Solstice, the longest
day of the year.

This day also begins the astrological new year
cycle in Aries, the youngest sign of the zodiac.

Pagans celebrate Ostara on the Spring Equinox.
This is a day to celebrate fertility, renewal, rebirth,
balance, and harmony. It is also a great day for
purification of of one's body and home.

The Goddess Ostara or Eostre is can be called upon in ritual.
She is an Anglo-Saxon Maiden Goddess of Spring, East,
Resurrection, and Rebirth. The name for this pagan sabbat
is in honor of this Goddess. White rabbits and eggs are
sacred to Ostara.

To celebrate the Spring Equinox take a walk in the
fresh Spring air. Notice all the signs of Spring beginning
in your neighborhood. Say a prayer of thanks for
renewal of nature blooming and the renewal of life and

This is a great day to reflect on balance and harmony.
Is your life in full balance right now? What areas could use
more balance? In what way can you achieve this balance
this Spring? What ways can you bring more harmony
in your daily life and your relationship with others?

Rituals around renewal and rebirth are a wonderful
and powerful way to connect to this energy of Ostara.
Create an altar for Goddess Ostara using symbols of her such as
white rabbits and colored eggs. Ask her for guidance
as you seek Spring's renewal and rebirth in your life.

Ostara is also a great time to connect with fairies.
Leave libations of milk and honey for these
nature spirits as a gift of gratitude outdoors.

Take a purification bath with sea salt and
lavendar. Bless yourself and your home with

Do some Spring cleaning of all the dull energy
that has collected in your body and home during
the Winter months starting on Ostara. This is a great time
to start a detox diet. Throw out and organize any
clutter including your closets. Let new positive energy into
your home.

Wear a new outfit on Spring Equinox to celebrate and
symbolize your own renewal and rebirth.

However you celebrate this first day of Spring,
may it be blessed and fill you with renewed energy
and the magick of this blooming, lovely season!