Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Releasing and Letting Go Ritual During Waning Moon

The Spring is a great time to do a releasing and letting go ritual to make room for rebirth and new energy for
goals and dreams. After this intense Scorpio Super Moon this is a good ritual to do as the moon is waning until the New Moon Gemini May 20. Enjoy and Blessings!

Releasing and Letting Go Ritual During the Waning Moon

1 White Candle
1 Black Candle
1 Yellow Candle
Piece of Paper and Pen
Sage incense

1.Set up candles and incense with paper and pen.

2.Take a cleansing bath or shower before this ritual. Visualize your body being purified and cleansed of old stuck energy.

3.Light white candle and sit in meditation as long as you would like. Feel your feet on the ground and root into the earth. Feel your body relax and release any stress and tension.

4. Ask the Goddess this: 

“Dear Goddess please show me what I most need to release and let go of in my life now to make new room and clear energy for my current goals and dreams.“

5. Allow yourself to visualize what she is showing you.

6. When you are clear and ready light the black candle. Write on your piece of paper all that you need to release and let go of right now. This could be things, habits, thoughts, relationships, etc.

7. State out loud "I release and let go……." Read all that is on your list slowly feeling each release from your life and allowing yourself to let go.

8. When you feel complete you can either burn this list on your paper or flush it away.

9. Light the yellow candle and state:

"Thank you Goddess for helping me gain clarity on what I need to release and let go of now. I welcome new energy flow into my life and feel blessed to have more room now in my life to make my dreams and goals happen."

10. Write down what new goals or dreams you would like to start on the New Moon if you wish.

11. You can let the candles burn out if you would like.

Maeve Cliodhna MoonBird