Sunday, January 29, 2012

Celebrating Imbolc with Celtic Goddess Brighid

Imbolc February 2 marks a mid point
between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.
The very beginning whispers of Spring begin
to show this month and we connect to the
hope the season of planting and blooming
will be here soon.

The days are starting be a bit longer
each day and we have a little more light.

Celtic Goddess Brighid is celebrated during
Imbolc. She is a goddess of healing and purification,
inspiration, creativity, and poetry. Brighid is
also keeper of the sacred flame and connected to
fire and guardian of the hearth.

This is a great time to connect to aspects
of the Goddess Brighid. Here are some ways
to celebrate Imbolc with her.

*You can do purification and healing rituals while
asking for Goddess Brighid's help and guidance.

*This is a great time to connect more to your
creativity and ask for Brighid's help in seeking

*Write a poem in honor of this great Celtic

*Read poetry that inspires you.

*Do some cleaning and purifying of your home's hearth.

*Light a candle on Imbolc or each day of February and
connect to Goddess Brighid for healing, purification, or creative
inspiration you need. You can make this part of your daily
ritual of meditation for the month.

*Contemplate on the idea of warmth and fire during this
cold time of year and the hope of light and warmth Brighid
brings with the whispers of Spring on Imbolc.

Many Bright Blessings!

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Moon Aquarius Blessings

Today marks the New Moon in Aquarius. Being a Sun and Rising
sign Aquarius I really like this New Moon energy.

This is a great new moon for new beginnings in starting
or joining new groups since Aquarius rules the collective and groups.
It is also a great time to think of new ways to volunteer
and contribute to your community with the humanitarian energy
of the Water Bearer sign.

Aquarius also is about the BIG picture so this is a great time
to think big and start new BIG picture goals as well as evaluate
the larger view of your life this new year.

This is also a great new moon to allow light to shine on what
makes you unique and connect to your individuality. Solar Aquarians
are quirky, unique individuals living life in their own way outside the norm.

Light a candle tonight, meditate, and allow the new energy of this
Aquarian New Moon to shine in your life. Bright Blessings!

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012 Cold Full Moon in Cancer

Tonight January 9, 2012 is the Cold Full Moon in Cancer.

January brings the cold, dark Winter time of year. The
warm celebration of holidays around the light of December
have ended. The New Year has brought the hope for new beginnings
and a fresh start. Now we face the time of year when we
can slow down and stay warm indoors. It is a good time for
reflection as we work with the new year quietly. It is a good time
to reconnect with our spiritual practice, meditate, and be introspective.
We can allow the energy of rest and hibernation be with us just as
the animals are in their Winter slumber.

Full Moon in Cancer lights up aspects of home, nurturing,
family, mother, watery emotions and protection themes in our lives.
We can release anything that may be in the way of nurturing ourselves,
any negative emotions, or family and home issues under this Cancer
Full Moon. This is also a great time to do a cleansing ritual or take a
hot purifying bath. You can purify your self and home with sage.

As the first full moon of the year this is a great time to work on releasing
in these Cancer areas and make room for new beginnings on the first new moon.

May you have a warm, bright, nurturing full Moon! Blessings