Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012 Cold Full Moon in Cancer

Tonight January 9, 2012 is the Cold Full Moon in Cancer.

January brings the cold, dark Winter time of year. The
warm celebration of holidays around the light of December
have ended. The New Year has brought the hope for new beginnings
and a fresh start. Now we face the time of year when we
can slow down and stay warm indoors. It is a good time for
reflection as we work with the new year quietly. It is a good time
to reconnect with our spiritual practice, meditate, and be introspective.
We can allow the energy of rest and hibernation be with us just as
the animals are in their Winter slumber.

Full Moon in Cancer lights up aspects of home, nurturing,
family, mother, watery emotions and protection themes in our lives.
We can release anything that may be in the way of nurturing ourselves,
any negative emotions, or family and home issues under this Cancer
Full Moon. This is also a great time to do a cleansing ritual or take a
hot purifying bath. You can purify your self and home with sage.

As the first full moon of the year this is a great time to work on releasing
in these Cancer areas and make room for new beginnings on the first new moon.

May you have a warm, bright, nurturing full Moon! Blessings

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